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VE Exams

All WVARA test sessions are coordinated through the Laurel VEC. 
  • There is no test fee
  • Walk-ins are welcome.
  • Licenses are normally issued the next business day following the test session.

IMPORTANT:   Applicants for a new amateur radio license must obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN) before they arrive at the test sesion.

Monthly Test Sessions

Regularly-scheduled monthly sessions are held at 9:30 AM Indiana time (EST/EDT) on the 2nd Saturday of every month except for the month of March.

  • Due to the the WVARA Spring Hamfest. being held on the 2nd Saturday in March & no suitable space is available at the hamfest location to hold testing, there will not be a test session in March.
The monthly test sessions are held at:
  • Glas-Col Annex
  • 1715 South 8th Street
  • Terre Haute, IN

Additional Test Sessions

The WVARA VE Team may conduct additional test sessions throughout the year.
  • Test sessions are normally held at the end of each license class.  See the License Classes page for further details.
  • The WVARA conducts the test session at the Dugger Hamfest on the last Saturday of February.
  • Special sessions may be scheduled as the need arises.

For further information contact the WVARA VE Team:

Team Leader: Ray Andrews, K9DUR (812)236-6522
Deputy Team Leader: Jerry Cockrell, W9GWC (812)243-9828

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