Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association
A 501(c)(3) Corporation
W9UUU Post Office Box 10081 K9IKQ/R
Club Station Terre Haute, IN 47801-0081 Repeater
WVARA Policies, Procedures, & Other Documents

The documents on this page provide additional information about the Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

The documents may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format.   Click on the button to view the document.  Right-click on the button & select "Save target as" to download the document.

Policies & Procedures

The WVARA Policies and Procedures are documents that supplement the WVARA Constitution and By-Laws.  They further define the rules governing the operation of the WVARA and have equal authority and impact as the Constitution and By-Laws.

Background Check Policy

Officers Duties & Responsibilities

The Duties & Responsibilities documents list the duties of each elected officer as specified in the WVARA Bylaws and expands upon them with specific responsibilities and required actions pertaining to their respective office.

Duties & Responsibilities -- President
Duties & Responsibilities -- Vice-President
Duties & Responsibilities -- Secretary
Duties & Responsibilities -- Treasurer
Duties & Responsibilities -- Trustee

Other Documents

IRS 501(c)(3) Letter

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