Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) Corporation
W9UUU Post Office Box 10081 K9IKQ/R
Club Station Terre Haute, IN 47801-0081 Repeater
2017 WVARA Club Officers

President Kevin Berlen, K9HX
308 W 4th St
Clay City, IN  47841

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Vice-President AB9CG Jay Sotak, AB9CG
7020 N. Clinton St
Terre Haute, IN 47805

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Secretary LeRoy Sedgwick, AC9NF
1616 South 10th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47803

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Treasurer K9DUR Ray Andrews, K9DUR
150 West Lyon Avenue
West Terre Haute, IN  47885

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Trustee W9EEU Gary Adams, W9EEU
5040 West Depot Street
Cory, IN  47846

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Past President W9GWC Jerry Cockrell, W9GWC
205 Bluebird Lane
Terre Haute, IN  47802

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Past President W9COD Chuck Procarione, W9COD
444 South 4th Street
Clinton, IN  47842

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