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Amateur Television (ATV)

The ATV Committee of the WVARA was established to promote the use of amateur television in the Wabash Valley.

Currently, the primary focus of the committee is on fast-scan operation on the 70cm band.  However, future projects may include slow-scan on HF.

The committee's purpose is to promote, advance and encourage FSTV, serve the public, promote goodwill and to further the state of the art of communications.

The committee also holds weekly Sunday morning breakfast meetings at 9:30 AM. The location is determined onn a week-by-week basis.

The committee encourages anyone with an interest in ATV to join us during these breakfast meetings and learn  more about ATV or to assist other Wabash Valley Amateurs with their ATV projects.

The ATV Committee:   Ted Brentlinger, K9SGL (Chairman)
Bob Abbinett, WA9AIZ
Dave Gahimer, K9ZCE
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Welcome to Fast-Scan ATV by K9ZCE
Reception of Ham TV by KH6HTV

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